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Defining Material Changes in Your Virginia Child Custody Agreement (Part B)

If there have been material changes that can potentially affect the life and well-being of your child, with the help of a Virginia child custody attorney, you can request that changes be made to your custody agreement.

In the best case scenario, if you and your ex-husband agree to the changes in your custody agreement, it's simply a matter of having the courts legally approve the changes. Oftentimes, there may be disagreements between you and your ex-husband and you must be able to show that material changes have occurred if you want to make changes to your Virginia child custody agreement.  

On the flip side, if you are currently the custodial parent of your child and you disagree with your ex-husband's request for changes on your Virginia child custody agreement, you'll need to show the courts that no substantial material changes warrant the alteration.

In either circumstance, you'll want the help of a Virginia child custody attorney who has experience working with material changes in custody agreements. Above all, you need to clearly demonstrate that your desired arrangement is the choice that is in the best interests of your child.

Pursuing Changes in Your Virginia Child Custody Agreement

If a child is endangered, you can make a request for immediate changes in a Virginia child custody agreement. In other cases, you'll have to follow the court's procedures for changing your agreement. When this occurs, a Virginia child custody attorney can assist you through the process.

To seek a change in your Virginia child custody agreement, you must:
  • show that qualified material changes have transpired; and
  • demonstrate that the custodial changes are in the child's best interest. 

There are various laws that affect child custody changes and a Virginia child custody attorney can help you understand which regulations apply to your situation, including any time constraints relating to making a change in your agreement. Your Virginia child custody attorney can also assist you in gathering evidence that attests to the material changes, such as affidavits from people who can confirm the circumstances that have occurred.

After a divorce, your children's well-being becomes a primary concern as they adjust to their new life circumstances. While the original Virginia child custody agreement is often sufficient, many times, material changes can occur that affect the children's environment. A Virginia child custody attorney can help design a Virginia child custody agreement that allows your children to remain in a safe, stable environment.

Contacting a Virginia Child Custody Attorney

Our Virginia child custody attorneys care about your rights, the welfare and happiness of your children and your financial security. Let us use our unique experience to help you focus on your goals for the future and your family. To learn more about Virginia divorce, request a FREE copy of our divorce book for women in Virginia, or reserve your seat at our monthly divorce seminar - 757-425-5200.

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