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Grandparents Rights During a Virginia Divorce (Part A)

When a couple chooses to get a Virginia divorce, their lives are not the only ones affected. The consequences of a Virginia divorce are far-reaching and have an impact on every member of the family - grandparents included.

Grandparents rights issues are increasingly in the spotlight in Virginia and across the nation. This is due in part to a shift in the way society views seniors, as well as changes in economics and family structure.

These days, grandparents are more than sweet, indulging elders children see only on holidays; they can be everyday family members, and are often on the front lines during times of crisis. When a Virginia divorce brings child custody changes to a family, grandparenst rights can be hard hit.

Grandparents Rights in Virginia

Many grandparents have questions regarding their rights to child visitation after a Virginia divorce. Concerns arise as to the legal protection of grandparents rights, and their access to visiting with their grandchildren.

does honor grandparents rights, and there are laws in place that can help a Virginia grandparent restore their relationship with their grandchildren in cases where it has been compromised.

It is also possible for Virginia grandparents to petition for custody of their grandchildren in certain cases.

If you're a grandparent affected by a Virginia divorce and you would like to learn more about your visitation rights to your grandchildren, you should seek the counsel of an experienced Virginia child custody attorney as soon as possible.

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