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How To File a Virginia Child Support Order (Part A)

By teaming up with the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) you can help ensure that your finalized child support order is handled appropriately.  DCSE has a number of tools at its disposal, and can help make sure you receive your child support in a timely manner every month.

I’ve got a finalized child support order.  Now what?

If your Virginia child support order is finalized (like if it’s in your final divorce decree), then you should make sure a certified copy of the Virginia child support order is filed with the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE).

I want my child support taken out of his paycheck.

You can do that!  In order to get child support deducted from his paycheck, you’ll have to send a payroll deduction order to Virginia DCSE and have it serviced under their administration. However, courts and court-appointed attorneys are often backlogged, so you will want to give yourself plenty of time to get it done. Below are some resources that may be helpful as your file your child support order:

  • To expedite and ensure your Virginia child support order begins, fax it to 804-692-1487.
  • You can also mail it to: DCSE Central Registry, Virginia Department of Social Services, 7 N. Eighth Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

Filing Your Virginia Child Support Order With DCSE

After your order has been received and processed, you’ll receive a letter letting you know that your order has been received and that DCSE will start servicing it.

Your child’s father will also be served this notice, and if your Virginia child support order was a payroll deduction order, his employer must also be served.

You will also receive an application for full Virginia DCSE services along with the details of your child support case. Unless you complete, sign, and return the application for full DCSE services, the Virginia DCSE will be limited in scope to processing payments only.

It is important to realize the powers Virginia DCSE has at its disposal to help you and your family get the most out of your Virginia child support order. To enforce child support, the Virginia DCSE can penalize a defaulting parent by:

  • Attaching interest to all late payments
  • Attaching fines to support in arrears
  • Attaching liens upon property for nonpayment
  • Suspending drivers' licenses for nonpayment
  • Filing motions with the court to convert a direct payment order to an automatic payroll deduction order
  • Filing a motion of contempt and asking the court to incarcerate the nonpaying parent

DCSE can help you enforce your child support order! 

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