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Timeline for Virginia Spousal Support (Part B)

Length of Virginia Spousal Support

When determining the duration of spousal support in Virginia, the court will look at the length of your marriage in order to help make a final decision. While there are no set rules regarding the length of time you can receive spousal support in Virginia, the courts generally do not award Virginia spousal support in a marriage that lasted for less than 5 years and only then if there is a great disparity in income between the parties.

For marriages that lasted between 6 and 20 years, the court may award you Virginia spousal support equal to half the length of your marriage. In marriages that lasted more than 20 years, you may receive Virginia spousal support until you or your ex-husband dies. Please keep in mind, however, that these examples are only general estimates which may vary in your particular divorce case.

Please note that when you are awarded spousal support in Virginia, it may be terminated when you remarry or cohabitate with another partner for 12 months or longer. Your Virginia Beach divorce lawyer can give you more information on what circumstances may result in the termination of your Virginia spousal support.

Hiring a Virginia Beach Divorce Lawyer

It is important to hire an experienced Virginia Beach divorce lawyer, especially if you are interested in requesting spousal support in Virginia. There are very specific rules governing divorce in Virginia. At Hofheimer Family Law Firm we are committed to providing you with the experience and compassion you deserve and the results you need to move on with your life. Request a FREE copy of our guide, What Every Virginia Woman Should Know About Divorce, or reserve your seat at our monthly divorce seminar - 757-425-5200.