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What Will Hurt My Chances for Child Custody in a Virginia Divorce? (Part B)

The last thing you want to do if you are facing a child custody hearing in Virginia is to hurt your chances of getting a favorable decision. It is not only important that you observe proper courtroom etiquette and keep a straight face throughout the proceedings, but it is also important that you understand how to handle any statements or accusations that are made during the hearing.   

False Statements or Accusations During a Child Custody Hearing

During the course of your Virginia child custody hearing, it may very well be that you will hear lies from the other side. One way to hurt your chances of a favorable decision in a Virginia child custody hearing is to try and defend those lies. Shouting out, "He's lying!" or making wild gestures and scribbling furious notes to your Virginia divorce attorney is inappropriate courtroom behavior.

You and your Virginia divorce attorney have already prepared for the child custody case, and your lawyer is well aware of any lies that may be stated. Not only do you look inappropriate defending those lies, but you are taking your divorce attorney's attention away from what is being said.

Your lawyer needs to be able to hear everything the other side is saying in order to effectively cross-examine. Your interruptions will detract from that. However, if you are absolutely convinced that your attorney is not aware of a lie that has been said, quietly and calmly write a note. Be sure to discreetly pass it along to your Virginia divorce attorney.

It's important you are truthful during the child custody hearing. At the same time, you don't want to offer more information than is necessary
. Keep to the truth, plain and simple.

Part of telling the truth means that you won't always be displayed in the most favorable light. That is always better than lying. First, lying under oath is wrong and illegal. Second, you appear as a more credible person when you are honest. The judge understands that everyone is human and sometimes makes mistakes. Attempting to cover up those mistakes will only do more harm than good.

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